Toilet Paper Workout Will Make You LOL

Workout Will Make You LOL

There are a lot of excuses you can make to avoid a workout: "The gym is too crowded" or "I don't have time" or "I don't have any equipment" or "I don't have anywhere to do it" or even "I have nothing to wear."

#SorryNotSorry but that's total bull. This workout by genius trainer Kaisa Keranen proves you can get a kickass workout using the most random of all household objects, and get 'er done in a space not much larger than your body. Kaisa, who's the mastermind behind our 30-Day Tabata Challenge, comes up with creative, challenging bodyweight workouts for Shape on the reg. Spot her talents in this dynamic Tabata routine or in this four-move plank and plyo workout that's crazy hard, or all over her Instagram, where she absolutely crushes anything and everything she does.

"It's an everyday object that everyone has," says Keranen. "The entire point of my workouts is not only to mix things up to keep them fun and interesting, but also to show people that it doesn't take much more than your body (and occasionally fun household items!) to get an awesome workout in."

Since then she's proved TP isn't the only workout tool hidden in your house. She's also come up with an entire routine using a cooking pot and showed airport travelers just how a quickie travel workout is done. (So, yes, you need to follow this girl ASAP.)

Grab four rolls of TP (any ply will do) and a timer. Follow along with the moves below, and watch the video to see how Kaisa does the toilet paper moves IRL. You'll do it Tabata style (20 seconds of as many reps as possible, or AMRAP, and 10 seconds of rest). Repeat circuit two to four times—or until you're mopping up your sweat with the TP.

Military Plank TP Stack

Start in a high plank position with toilet paper in one stack in front of the right shoulder.Shift right palm over so it's on the floor beneath the center of the chest.Maintaining a strong, straight plank position, grab the top roll of toilet paper and place it on the floor about a foot to the left. Repeat, moving each roll to create a new stack.

Single-Leg Around-the-World Floor Tap

Place toilet paper rolls on floor in a semicircle. Stand on the left leg facing the rolls.Keeping right leg lifted, squat to tap the left-most roll with the right hand. Stand, then squat to touch the next roll, repeating the movement while moving down the line.After tapping the right-most roll, reverse the direction.

TP Tower Single-Leg Lifts

Stack the rolls of toilet paper on top of each other. Sit on the floor, legs outstretched to the right of the rolls. Lean torso slightly back, palms on the floor next to hips, and core engaged. Hover both feet an inch off the floor.Lift the left leg up and over the toilet paper to the other side, still hovering off the floor. Repeat with the right foot.Once both feet are on the left side of the toilet paper, reverse, lifting right leg up and over, then left leg up and over.

TP Plyo Push-Ups

Start in a high plank position. Place two rolls of toilet paper a few inches apart directly under face. Place two more rolls slightly below under each armpit.Start with palms on the floor outside top two rolls. Lower into a push-up, then push chest away from floor and hop hands together, directly below the top two rolls, between the two rows of toilet paper.Lower into a push-up, then push chest away from floor and hop hands outside of bottom two rolls. Repeat, hopping hands to center position, then top position, etc.

Lateral TP Hurdles

Place four rolls of toilet paper in a line. Stand to the right of the line, balancing on the right leg.Bend knee and lower down to tap right toes with left hand.Stand and immediately hop laterally over the rolls to land on the left side, still balancing on the right leg, and immediately lowering down to tap right foot with left hand. Continue hopping back and forth.